May 07, 2021

The Intellectuals Corner : a STEM foundation

  • Mohamed Yalouh
  • Remote
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Research Opportunity Certification Skill Building


Are you interested in STEM and social entrepreneurship? Indeed, this is what you're looking for!


​The Intellectuals' Corner resolutely​ believes that through opportunities brought to a teen, he or she can change their life. It is an online initiative that features information about STEM-related subjects (Cryptography, Machine Learning, Mechanical Engineering, Physics)  to anyone who desires to learn. Through our team of highly experienced students, we reach out to schools in mostly 3rd world countries and recruit teen inventors and innovators who show promise in their academics and thoughts to start projects related to innovation. We also host scholarships to those of exceptional efforts or a desire for financial support.

What problem are you committed to solving? What project are you proposing? How could your project elevate humanity?

- Unavailable ​empowerment to innovators in 3rd world countries

- The Intellectuals Corner - A source to, and for intellects.

- The Intellectuals Corner strives to provide a helping hand to any innovator and thinker. Given that it is our duty to empower Intellectuals, a lot of students/teens around the world are going to start getting to learn what they desire and get recognized through their applications of what they learned. I reckon that there will be around 200 - 1000 teens impacted by this great initiative. For an initiative that at least does an impact, it is not a bad figure in my eyes. ​

What is the scale of the problem in the communities you are working in, and globally?

​From what I observed, there are amazing talents that are desperate for opportunities to learn and get together and innovate. The Intellectuals Corner is a place where any intellectual can come learn, present his idea, and work with us.​ Search Results Featured snippet from the web: It's unfathomable that of Africa's nearly 128 million school-aged children, 17 million will never attend school.​ There are underlying causes that deter progress such as high drop-out rates, grade repetition, poor quality of education and educational resources, teacher shortages, poor infrastructure, and supplies​. Through our connections with schools available there, it is estimated that 200 - 1000 students/teens monthly will be positively affected by this great initiative. We firmly believe that by empowering humans for the better, we can solve major problems around the world. We firmly believe that instead of spending money building jails for those who commit crimes because of their financial status or taking away illegal immigrants, we could invest that money to change the future of those unfortunate people from being a criminal that does not benefit the community, to an engineer or a doctor who helps develop the community.


 - Regional ambassador

Organize workshops, schools reach out across the region, admission officer.

 - Vice president

President advisor, recruitment management, executive relations, media affairs, show up for media interviews.

 - Regional director

Direct regional ambassadors, organize workshops across the region, manage the innovative community.

 - Writer 

Blog writer, editor, designer, media outreach, media interviews.

 - Social media and design

Take care of social media platforms, daily schedule of posts.

- Website designer

Manage/design website.

Advantages of joining The Intellectuals Corner:

*Working with an internationally diverse team
*Networking with high-social status individuals

*Having your profile published as a member on the site

*Be able to be viewed through the media

*Being able to win a list of exceptional prizes when accomplishing reach goals
*Conduct extensive-research
*Strengthening your communication, public relations, and outreach skills
*Enhancing your college/career profile (Linkedin recognition)


Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Application Deadline


Age Range


Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

- High school education

- Minimum skill in the selected position

Time Commitment

2 - 3 hours a week

Application Process Includes

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