Aug 31, 2020

The Cosmos Championship; a free, international, online debating competition.

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The Cosmos Championship is a WSDC, Parlimatary, and Public Forum debate competition that focuses on giving students the opportunity to debate on an international and intercontinental scale. In turn, this allows them to engage with arguments from a global perspective, make worldwide connections, possibly learn a new style of debate, and debate other students who live thousands of miles away; something only the best or wealthiest debaters would normally have the chance to do, ALL FOR FREE.


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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



The Cosmos Championship streams competitors according to their skill level within our three grades; The Social Grade (for students with no or some debating experience who want to debate in a less competitive environment), The Advanced Grade (for students who are somewhat confident with debating and want to debate against other students in a competitive environment), and The Premier Grade (for students who are confident debaters and want to compete at the highest level).

This means no matter where you are with debating, from brand new to world-class, there is a place for you in the Cosmos Championship. 

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

To be allegeable to compete in the Cosmos Championship, debaters must meet the following criteria:

  • Capable English speakers

  • A desktop/laptop with the following peripherals-

    •  A clear microphone, preferably with echo-cancelling, which can pick up your voice clearly, or some other type of device which can achieve similar results (such as Bluetooth headphones/earbuds)

    • A Camera, the one on a laptop will do

  • A stable internet connection.

Time Commitment

Unlike other tournaments which are held on one day and if you miss it, too bad, the leagues of the Cosmos Championship have a debate every fortnight, with the international leagues being one week out of sync in order to provide the opportunity to debate every week. This means that this competition provides a massive opportunity for students to not only engage with the competition but to spend time debating in general.

However, every single debate in the Cosmos Championship is OPTIONAL, meaning its schedule can be made to fit your life. This means while you can have the opportunity to debate every week, you can debate once a month if you would like. This is done by an email being sent at the beginning of each week asking if you would like to participate. If your team would, respond "Yes"; If your team wouldn't, ignore the email. 

On top of that, due to the sheer amount of debating opportunities we provide, you can miss rounds or enter late and still be in the running to win your league as we stream competitors according to their skill level rather than knocking competitors out.

Application Deadline

You can join any time throughout the season!

Application Process Includes


Step one:

Become a member (for free) so you can keep up to date with the competition.


Step two:

Decide on which league(s) and age group you would like to debate in by going to “THE LEAGUES” page.


Step three:

Go to the “UPCOMING DEBATES” page and sign up to your chosen league(s) and age group on your own, as a team, or somewhere in between. ​

Note that only one person needs to register for the team/people you want to debate with!


Would you like to adjudicate in the Cosmos championship?

Please click here; we would love to have you!