Feb 24, 2019

Animal Rights Club

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Participation in high school clubs is hugely important for students to include on college applications and even on their résumés when looking for that first job—but it’s also an important and effective way to provide them with a learning environment outside the classroom, foster their passions and interests, teach them leadership skills, and link them with like-minded students and community members with whom they may not have otherwise connected. If you are passionate about animal rights as an important social justice issue, helping to facilitate or joining a school animal rights club is a great way to make a difference!

An animal rights club is probably the single most effective way to get students active in animal rights at school and make a difference. It’s a platform that enables educators and students to make the greatest amount of change. Big achievements that can be accomplished through such clubs include changing your school’s policies on animal issues, fundraising to help animals locally and nationally, teaching students to speak out against injustice and participate in activism, and raising awareness of animal rights issues among students and faculty and in the community

Getting involved in an animal rights club is also a fantastic way to expand your interpersonal skills, from improving communication, to leadership opportunities, and to boosting self-confidence. PETA offers some excellent tips and guidance on how you can go about starting your own club (refer to the PETA website).

For more information visit the offical PETA site here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Any student is able to start or join an animal rights club, worldwide.

Participation Cost


Related costs are at the club member's discretion.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

There are no pre-requisite skills necessary in order to join or start your own animal rights club.

Time Commitment

The amount of time dedicated to an animal rights club or associated projects is at the discretion of the member in question.

Application Deadline

There are no specific membership deadlines - an animal rights club can be created at any point in the year.

Application Process Includes

In order to start your own animal rights club, you must ensure your club is officially recognised as a school organisation. This simply involves contacting your school activities office or administration to find out what it takes to become an officially recognised club and following the steps from there.
Pick a place and time to meet, and set a schedule. Many teachers use their classrooms as weekly meeting places for clubs and gather either at lunchtime or right after school. Name your club. Choose the name with your students, and be as creative or to the point as you’d like. Students for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (SETA) is a popular one. Start a group for your club on Facebook. This will make it super-easy for students to share updates, post about events, communicate with each other, and sort out schedules—and also recruit their classmates online.