Apr 21, 2021

[OPEN] leadership team application for the Cosmos championship-temporary and permanent roles available

  • The Cosmos Championship
  • Remote (Worldwide)
Internship Competition Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership Club or Organization Skill Building


Born out of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Cosmos Championship (www.globaldebating.org) is an international, online, face to face debate competition which aims in becoming a staple in the debating world! It has so much potential that teams from 16 different countries rushed to enter this unprecedented opportunity before any advertising had taken place. For the Cosmos Championship to reach and surpass its goals, we need an exceptionally talented team to lead the competition; that's where you come in. You are applying to be part of the leadership team for the competition, maximising its engagement, exposure, and making sure everything runs smoothly. By being on this team, you will be instrumental in the success of the Cosmos Championship.

Through this opportunity, you will apply existing skills, learn new ones, and work closely with some of the greatest students around the world, developing essential, lifetime connections with future Ivy League and Oxbridge graduates. The success of the Cosmos Championship 2020/2021, which is currently targeting 1000+ registrations, will form the basis of a very strong leadership capstone for your university applications and future endeavours.

Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Age Range



We have opportunities to accommodate any skill level all the way up to world-class positions!

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

You can apply to be a regional executive or part of the global committee. Regional executives will be responsible for overseeing the progress of the Cosmos Championship in their region and executing marketing and region-specific events and rounds. On the other hand, global committee members will be responsible for 5 key areas: marketing, digital design, logistics, admin, and technical management. If you are selected to be a part of the global committee, you will be allocated objectives based on your strengths and synergy with other team members.

Below are detailed explanations of potential roles:

Marketing: Strategise and produce content for social media pages and accounts, form strategic partnerships with schools and organisations for event promotion, monitor online engagement, work closely with digital design.

Digital design: Work with marketing to develop graphics and promotional material, use Canva/Adobe Suite/other design apps to create marketing content, edit and upload recordings and videos of ongoing events.

Logistics: Maintain events for competitors, execute engagement events (e.g. set up Zoom, send update emails to registered students), create and host zoom calls for the Cosmos Championship, coordinate with marketing.

Admin: Respond to student, parent, counsellor, or teacher enquiries by email and through social media platforms, collate registrations from teams and adjudicators, manage results from debates.

Technical management: Continuously refine our website, and automating registration processes and logistics for events (mostly on Excel or google sheets).

TEMPORARY ROLES: we now have temporary roles available for people who would love to join the leadership team but are unable to commit the time to stay for the full season. In these roles, you will aid the permanent team while still having a fantastic opportunity to develop connections and learn new skills.

Time Commitment

Your role in the Cosmos Championship leadership team will start in October and run until June 2021 (with breaks in November, December, and January). Depending on your success, you may have the opportunity to become a permanent member of the leadership team!


The estimated time commitments for each role are as follows:
Regional Executive: 3 hrs/Week
Global Committee: 5 hrs/Week

Temporary role: 4 hours a week for x amount of weeks.

Note that these hours may fluctuate depending on the stage we are at with the competition.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email globaldebating@gmail.com.