Aug 10, 2020

Wasabi Fables: Apply for a Creator Position at a storytelling platform

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Are you interested in storytelling, illustrations, and translations? If so, apply for a creator position at Wasabi Fables!

Wasabi Fables 侘寂語 aims to create a fabled land of creative stories to let fatigued travelers rest and revitalize, and hopes to gather imaginative and talented writers and illustrators in the literary world. 

We started as a Chinese creative stories platform but we are currently expanding to create English stories. Please join us to help us to grow better. 

Our website is: ( Redesigning)

Our Instagram: @wasabi_fables 

Our Facebook:  侘寂語

The form to apply is: 

Available positions and responsibilities

Writers (Chinese or English)

- Responsible for at least 1 short story/article a week. (Unlimited Topics) 

- Responsible for 1 story for the monthly featured online publication under approved theme and topics for the month. 

- Edit your works after your responsible editors' reviews and give feedback.

- Give comments and instructions to illustrators on how you want your work to be portrayed. 


- Responsible for drawing mainly story illustrations for posts. ( At least 1 post a week)

- Responsible for drawing featured stories illustrations for the monthly featured online publication. 

- Responsible for layout and incorporating the written content into the illustrations. 

- Pitch in your own illustrations to be shared on the platform. (Recommended)


- Responsible for translating the finished works of writers. (English -> Chinese / Chinese -> English)

- Edit your works after your responsible editors' reviews and give feedback on your work.

Editors (Chinese and English) 

- Responsible for reviewing and giving feedback on writers and illustrators' submitted works.

- Responsible for working on featured monthly publications as editors. 

- Responsible for monitoring deadlines for your teammates' works and managing them. 

- Write short stories along with the writers (Voluntary) 

More details will be provided once you have officially become our member.  We will update as soon as possible when any new positions open up!

If you have short stories, illustrations, or anything you want to share with us, please send your work to or direct us through Facebook and Instagram. 

Benefits of joining the Wasabi Fables team:

  • Being in a team of driven, motivated, and diligent creators who are passionate about creating stories and illustrations. 
  • Having a platform to share your voice and stories with others.
  • Strengthening your communication, public relations, and outreach skills. 
  • Improving your college and career resume.


Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Any ( Prioritize high school or college students)


We welcome any students, writers, and illustrators who want to get involved in sharing your own creations to the world!  

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Our team should be driven, hardworking, punctual, and innovative individuals.


- Have passion and experience in writing short stories and articles.

- Meet deadlines

- Responsive and friendly to communicate


-Have passion and experience in drawings, creating illustrations, and simple layouts.

- Meet deadlines

- Responsive and friendly to communicate


- Proficient in Chinese and English.

- Meet deadlines


- Preferable with leadership experience. 

- Have experience/ knowledge in organizing teammates and their submitted works and give reviews and amendment suggestions. 


Time Commitment

Based on tasks. See the google application for additional information. 

Application Deadline

Our applications are on a rolling basis.

Application Process Includes

You do not need to apply for a position through Crimson. The applications are linked here and our website. (