Feb 24, 2019

Button Poetry Chap Book Contest

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Button Poetry is committed to developing a coherent and effective system of production, distribution, promotion and fundraising for performance poetry. Seeking to showcase the power and diversity of voices in our community, they encourage and broadcast the best and brightest performance poets of today. By doing so, they hope to broaden poetry’s audience, to expand its reach and develop a greater level of cultural appreciation for the art form.

In light of this, Button Poetry annually hosts the Button Poetry Chap Book Contest - whereby aspiring writers are encouraged to submit a previously unpublished, chapbook-length (20-30 pages, 8.5×11 page-size) manuscript of poetry using their online submission manager. Multiple submissions by the same poet are fine, as are simultaneous submissions. In terms of the judging process, judges will read all submissions blindly to ensure the maximum level of fairness and select 8-12 finalists. The finalists will then be forwarded along to the final judge (TBD), who will select a winner. All finalists will be considered by the Editors for publication.

The winner will receive publication, 50 free author copies, a $500 USD honorarium, and roundtrip travel to Minneapolis to perform at a release show and be filmed by Button’s video crew. (Roundtrip travel will only be offered to U.S.-based authors).

For more information visit the offical website here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Entry for this contest is available for all, internationally (ages 18+).

Participation Cost


Entry fee is $15 for each submission (multiple submissions of work is allowed).

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


There are no specific skillsets that are mandatory in order to enter, however, the contest calls for writers who create work that crosses borders or effaces them completely, work that enters into larger social conversations and work that lives in the world. Strong creative writing skills is therefore necessary to win.

Time Commitment


The amount of time committed to the society is at the discretion of the writer participating. However, the work submitted must be 20-30 pages in length.

Application Deadline

2020 Chapbook Contest will open November 16th, 2020 – January 8th, 2021

Application Process Includes

The submission criteria calls for a previously unpublished, chapbook-length (20-30 pages, 8.5×11 page-size) manuscript of poetry using their online submission manager. The manuscript, in one PDF file, should include: a title page with the title of the book only (no contact or identifying information about the author), a table of contents page, and the text itself. The full PDF, all-inclusive, must be 35 pages or less. In the online submission manager, the cover letter submitted must include a brief letter with the title of the work and the participant's contact information, as well as a brief bio.