Feb 24, 2019

School Chorus/Choir

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Across the globe, elementary, middle schools and high schools often offer choir as a class or activity for students. Joining a school chorus or choir is an excellent way to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds, and can also cultivate musical skills - which can benefit other areas of study also. Extending choral excellence can develop leadership capabilites as well as contributing to the arts sector and leading to other future opportunities.

Joining a musical ensemble creates a comfort zone for students to express their creativity and let it blossom in a place where their peers are having the exact same goals. Additionally, events like extra practices, concerts, and competitions provide that exciting incentive to keep going.

With this at the end of a school day, a student has many reasons to stay bright and interested in their academic world. If anything, the activity allows for an intriguing new area of learning, which is always a good thing.

Being involved in a choir or choral group is a great extracurricular activity that can enhance a well-rounded college application.

For more information visit this link for the World Choir Games. 

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



Most students are able to join a choir or chorus at their school as long as it is at a non-competitive level. Many schools, however, hold qualification trials in order to become a member (this is subject to variability depending on the school).

Participation Cost

Costs are subject to variability depending on the particular school choir/chorus in question.

Time Commitment

Varies per school.

Application Deadline