May 07, 2021

(Media Officer, Writer, Editor) Creatures of the Earth – Wld Animals

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"Humanity can save animals or allow them to become extinct. We have the power to decide. It's our choice."

Wld Animals aims to give a voice to animals, especially to those critically endangered. Wld Animals is an encyclopedia of sorts where we post informational posts on extinction, endangerment, and how you can help. If you've ever wanted to help the cause but don't know how to, joining our team or simply checking out the website is a perfect place to start. You can always submit your writing one-time instead of applying to be a writer, too!

We're looking to recruit a media officer, writers, and editors. For more info, you can visit the




Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Application Deadline


Age Range

15 and above

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Writers should possess at least an elementary command of the English language.

Application Process Includes

Please state your preferred position. For writers, please send writing samples.