Feb 24, 2019

World Robotic Olympiad

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At World Robotic Olympiad, it is the company's mission to give as many young people as possible the opportunity to develop their creativity and problem solving skills in a fun and engaging way. Starting in 2004, World Robot Olympiad has developed to a truly global competition, with tournaments in more than 65 countries and the WRO international final in November, which is hosted by a different country each year.

Teams can participate in four different categories (Regular, Open, Football and ARC) with different age groups. This allows the participants to develop their robotic skills from a very young age up to being a college or university student. A team consists of two or three students and is guided by a coach. Participating teams need to design, build and program a robot model that is capable to perform a challenge, play soccer or demonstrate a solution for a real-life problem.

Please note that due to Covid-19, international events have been cancelled for 2020. 

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



Up to 5/5

Anyone can participate, but going through to the final is very competitive: 1 in up to 100, 1 in up to 40 or 1 in up 20 teams are selected

Participation Cost


Entry fee depends on sponsorship but may be about $20; equipment costs may be additional

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Fairly good ability in building and coding required to do well

Time Commitment


Teams prepare for about 4-5 months designing, building and programming a robot

Application Deadline

Please note that due to Covid-19, international events have been cancelled for 2020.

Application Process Includes

Registration depends on country


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