May 07, 2021

Women Empowerment Supporter - Bedouin Community

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  • Egypt
Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership


Provide Bedouin women with everyday household knowledge, so that they can both support their own food needs as well as participate in crop exchanges with the community.

This volunteer program is especially suitable for: Age 18+, Singles, Couples, 50+

Habiba Community is committed to transforming the lives of local Bedouin communities through promoting sustainable agriculture and permaculture. We do this by empowering the Bedouin we employ to experiment with organic farming, helping them to not only grow their own produce, but to conduct their own research into how best to make use of the resources around us. We also run programs for the economic and educational empowerment of women who have more restrictions on their lives. Our goal at the farm is to help the local Bedouin leave and create their own farms, thus creating employment, food security and a sense of commitment to the future of our shared environment. Our goal through the women empowerment program is to provide opportunities for the Bedouin women to improve their lives. Habiba aspires to set a successful example to be followed by locals across the Sinai Peninsula.

Habiba Community is based in Nuweiba, South Sinai with the Sinai Mountains on one side and sandy beaches with turquoise waters of the Red Sea on the other. The farm is based on a plot of what was empty desert, and has transformed it into a production hub of locally grown organic vegetables, as well as a center for research in sustainable desert agriculture. We are a center for research and regularly collaborate and conduct knowledge transfer with the Desert Research Center as well agricultural research facilities around the world.

Habiba welcomes volunteers, students conducting research, and experts. This page is focused on volunteer opportunities. If you are a student looking for a friendly environment for agricultural research, or an expert who wishes to share your knowledge via speeches and workshops, please contact us via our website. We’d love to have you.


About the Project


The goal is to provide Bedouin women with everyday household knowledge, so that they can both support their own food needs as well as participate in crop exchanges with other families.

This includes gardening in desert environments, environmental care, nutrition, handicrafts and food production for sale.

Our vision is to create a sense of responsibility towards the environment where people believe they can change the world by learning and developing their skills. In order to achieve this, it is important for Bedouins to understand that the world we live in is not just for us but for the generations to come today.

We also wish for this program to be an inspiration for other women and families in Nuweiba and the rest of the world.

What should I bring?

Bring sun protection (lightweight clothing to cover your head, neck and shoulders), mosquito repellant, sturdy shoes, work gloves, beach gear and a sense of adventure. If you forget anything, you can buy most of the above in shops around Dahab and Nuweiba, but get shoes and cargo gear before arriving if possible.

During winter, bring warm clothes for the evenings when it can get chilly, especially when it’s windy.

It would also be helpful to bring any handicraft household items that may be common in your culture, such as sewing kits or bakeware. 


Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

All Year

Age Range


Participation Cost

Costs: Prices in USD 

2 weeks (min. stay) $800

4 weeks $1,400

12 weeks (max. stay) $4,000 Average fees $367 /week

What's Included

Services by Habiba

Accommodation and meals

Simple Acconodation at the farm guest house or at Habiba beach lodge,sharing rooms and Bath rooms,hot water is avaialable 24 hours,

2 vegeterian meals per day plus herbal tea 3 times a day .

We can arrange a taxi pickup from Sharm el Sheikh airport, the cost is 950EGP.


We provide volunteers with accommodation at the guest house in the farm or at Habiba Beach lodge on the sandy beaches of Nuweiba. Each room is equipped with beds, sheets, and views the Aqaba Gulf.  Habiba Beach lodge is in walking distance of the farm and the markets of Nuweiba.

Food & Beverages

The meals are vegetarian and many components are from the organic farm. We also provide bottled water, hot drinks like tea or Nescafe (3 times per day)  and fruits (served 3 times per week) .

You can also get fresh fish, chicken or meat for an additional fee.

The chef at Habiba Beach Lodge can satisfy all of your culinary wishes, but any special requirements should be communicated prior to arrival. Traditional Egyptian cuisine is our standard. Volunteers are free to cook their own meals with the ingredients provided by the Lodge or any other ingredients they wish to buy from local markets. The meals provided are mainly vegetarian to rhyme with our concept of farming and self sustainability. Our organic veggies from the farm make superb salads, soups and sauces

Internet Access Limited access at the project site

What's NOT included? Visa, flights, travel insurance or vaccinations are NOT included in the program fees. An airport pickup isn't included within the program fees either.Flight TicketsThe nearest airport is Sharm El Sheikh Airport (SSH) in Sharm el Sheikh. We assist you to find cheap flights to Egypt.

Travel InsuranceGoing abroad is an adventure and it is always best to be prepared. Sudden illness or injury, cancellation or theft - a travel insurance for Egypt provides security and is a plus to have.

VaccinesIf you are intending to volunteer in Egypt you should seek medical advice before starting your social journey. Check your required vaccinations for Egypt.


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Ideal Applicants

This program is open to women only of any age. However, you should have the requisite below characteristics.

Firstly, you should be open minded and culturally sensitive. Ideally, you will have experience working with developing communities elsewhere in the world. However, even if you do not, you should have the appropriate sensitivity to be able to communicate cross-culturally with people from strikingly different economic and cultural backgrounds.

Secondly, it would be helpful if you have handicraft, cooking or other home-making skills. You do not need any qualifications — common sense and everyday skills is all we ask for, plus an ability to learn and to teach.

Finally, because of the time investment in building relationships, we require a minimum of two weeks. Please note that preference will always be given to those who can commit four weeks or more.

You do not need to speak any Arabic to communicate well. So much communication is done simply by being present. However, any Arabic ability (or enthusiasm to learn it) is welcome!


Time Commitment

Duration 2 - 12 weeks

A typical day
You will interact with community members around Nuweiba and transfer knowledge and skills to them. You will also learn about the local Bedouin cultural heritage and habits.
A general day will start with breakfast at Habiba against a stunning seaside backdrop.The work day start around 9am and finish around 3pm, and will consist of 

  • Visiting the Habiba Organic Farm to pick up materials, to meet people and/or to help at the farm
  • Visiting local community members to help with training and gardening projects, handicraft projects, home projects
  • Cultural exchange/communication

The afternoons are for you to relax at the seaside resort. Dinner is served at 7pm, and generally is vegetarian, community home-style food, made entirely with produce from the organic farm. Most people will never have tasted vegetables like these!

Free-time activities

Nuweiba has a lot to offer for your free time activities.

There are numerous dive centers around, which can both train you in diving and rent you gear. You can also arrange camel rides, both nearby and multi-day excursions.

There are also yoga, meditation and craft centers around Nuweiba, boat trips and safaris.

Please communicate with your hosts if something you’re interested in will take more than a few hours and will interrupt with your volunteer work. We will discuss timing and possible adjustments to your daily accomodation rate.

Please note that excursions are not included in the volunteer rate.

Application Process Includes


Minimum Age: 18 yearsIn order to join the program you need to be at least 18 years old on the program start date. There might be exemptions if you can provide the permission of your legal guardian(s) or if your are accompanied by your parents.

Language Skills You need to speak English (basic level)

Criminal Background Check required

Education Requirements High School level

Required Documents CV

Nationality RestrictionsNo restrictions. Helping hands from all over the world are welcome.

Other Skills farming ,cooking,handycraft,household

Time CommitmentYour helping hand will be required on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday