Mar 23, 2020

UWC Kenya Short Course: DeConstructing Narratives

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  • Kenya
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DeConstructing Narratives is the UWC Kenya Short Course set to take place in Nairobi, Kenya from August 2nd to 17th 2020. It will bring together participants aged 16-19 and 16 facilitators from Kenya, East Africa and the rest of the world. The course will give participants a space to confront, with critical understanding, the narratives that shape our world today and learn how to influence the agenda moving forward. This means, understanding narratives beyond what is seen on the surface, extracting their underlying assumptions, examining their function within a potential overarching agenda and understanding their role in deconstructing them.

The short course will explore narratives relating to 3 main thematic areas; identity, governance & development, and sustainability. The short course employs the experiential learning model; hence participants will engage with material in an informal learning setting. This includes workshops, simulations, excursions, guest speakers, self-led initiatives etc.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range


Participation Cost

The participation fee for the course is USD 750 or KES 75,000, this fee covers room, board, on the ground transportation in Nairobi, and other course related activities. This fee does not include medical insurance, travel insurance, transport to Nairobi. The course is entirely volunteer run, therefore the course fee caters for the direct costs to run the course.

Need-based financial aid is available for those who cannot afford the participation fee, therefore cost should not be a barrier to attend the course. For participants receiving financial aid, and with the highest need, we may also offer travel grants to subsidize the cost of travels and visas if applicable. To apply for financial aid, please indicate in the application that you are, and fill in the financial assessment form. If accepted into the program we will work with you to create a financial aid award that meets your demonstrated need.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Our eligibility requirements are as follows; 

  • Aged 16-19 for the entirety of the short course
  • Have a conversational level of English
  • Have not been accepted to a UWC school or college
  • Open-minded and eager to learn
  • Resonate with the course's theme of deconstructing narratives

Time Commitment

The short course is fully residential and immersive, participants will live together in a community for the entirety of the short course.

Application Deadline

April 7th 2020

Application Process Includes

The application process includes a written application form followed by an interview.