Mar 22, 2020

Battle-Ready Bootcamp

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Dear Class of 2020 (esp Int'l students in America),

Finding a job during an economic downturn is a gut wrenching experience. Never mind getting an interview, the firm you really wanted to work at is probably considering lay offs. You may be graduating with student debt or may need a company to sponsor your visa application. Your parents may have spent their life savings on your degree and now you are not even sure if you can land a job. No matter what your specific situation is, we can agree on one thing, economic downturns suck BIG time.

I am writing this note because I have been through one and have a plan to help you out. I have put together a downturn survival boot camp that will help you do the following:

1. Build a professional network even when no one is hiring or willing to interview candidates.

2. Inspire confidence in your professional network that your skills are superior compared to their current team.

3. Acquire skills needed to get top reviews in an entry level role, these range from conducting quality research to building excel models to drafting commercial terms for a legal contract.

This downturn will end. All of them do. If you take the time now to become battle ready, then as soon as this ends, you will literally hit the ground running. I can help you get there.

How this will work?

We will meet virtually twice a week for 2 hours at 9 am Pacific Time. Each session will be a tutorial with some homework. In addition, I will also schedule 1:1 calls with you to understand your specific situation and see how I can assist, either through introductions or advice.

This will be limited to 10 participants and will go on for 4 weeks starting April 13 2020. There's no fee to attend. I will make my selection based on your essay quality.

Here's your essay topic.

"What matters to you and why?" Keep that within 1,000 words and send it to me at

The article pasted here will help you navigate this loaded question, flip through it.

On Monday, April 6th 2020 I will let you know if you've made the cut. I will not write back if you haven't.

Why limit it to 10 people?

I have been putting together a more scalable knowledge worker bootcamp for a while but it is far from ready and won't be any time soon. Since the COVID 19 crisis started, I've been thinking a lot about the class of 2020, especially Int'l students on financial aid. I know I can manage a cohort of 10 with my current commitments, and any more will make the class size a bit too big to manage.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Graduate Students

Application Deadline

3 April 2020