May 07, 2021

Interested in entrepreneurship? Write for a business publication!

  • Chloe Chia
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Interested in entrepreneurship and start-ups? If so, become a writer for The Lemonade Stand! The Lemonade Stand is a business blog that aims to provide practical, tailored advice for young entrepreneurs to launch a start-up and excel in business competitions! We have  team members in California, Illinois, Texas, and Massachusetts and are partnering with Spark Teen (a national entrepreneurship launch pad) and the Youth Economics Initiative (hosts economic competitions throughout high schools). We are looking for writers and outreach team members worldwide. More information is in the application links below.


  1. Opportunity to potentially publish your article(s) in established research journals 
  2. Access to a community of other youth entrepreneurs to find potential collaborators on projects and gain immediate feedback on your ideas
  3. Opportunity to interview professors/entrepreneurs in a monthly podcast 
  4. Learn to convey ideas effectively and write eloquently from multiple editors’ inputs in our Writer's Workshop mentorship program.
  5. Improve your resume for colleges





Excited to work with you!

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Extracurricular Activity

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The most important part of your application is previous experience. You want to list specific stories and numbers on your application to detail your application and make it stand out. Give background and be genuine. 

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Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Writers: Write and speak English fluently, have a form of business experience (through a club, start-up, class, etc.)

Outreach: Able to reach out to others through LinkedIn, cold call, cold email, create simple posts using Canva. 

Time Commitment

See the google forms for more information. 

Application Process Includes

See the google forms for more information.