Feb 23, 2019

New Zealand Biology Olympiad

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The New Zealand Biology Olympiad Program is a national competition where the top biology students in the country compete for the chance to represent New Zealand at the Annual International Biology Olympiad.

The program includes an entrance exam into the Online Tutorial Program; a 2nd selection exam into the Practical Training Camp after the Tutorial Program; and a 10-day practical training camp where students participate in practical laboratory sessions, field work, and seminars with some of New Zealand's top scientists. The final New Zealand team of 4 is selected based on the academic performance of the students during this training camp. This final team will then attend the International Biology Olympiad in July.

Participation in the NZIBO program helps to develop a greater understanding of biology and will assist students with their school examinations and first year university papers in biology. It is recognized by universities in New Zealand and overseas as a sign of academic excellence.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




0-200 students are chosen from National Entrance Exam participants
20-25 students chosen from practical training camp selection exam
4 students selected for final team

Participation Cost


$20 Entrance exam fee
$66 Online Tutorial Program
$545 Practical Training Camp

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Students should have a strong academic background in biology in order to achieve the academic 'cutoff' on the entrance exam to be invited to the Online Tutorial Programme

Time Commitment


~5 hours/week + 10-day event in April

Application Deadline

Entrance Exam: June - July

Application Process Includes

Register online with your school.
National Entrance Examination

See website for important diary dates


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