Apr 28, 2021

South African Math Olympiad

  • Crimson Education
  • South Africa
Competition Skill Building


Maths problems written in test format individually

The first round is written in March. The junior division consists of separate papers for grades 8 and 9 and the senior division of one paper for grades 10 to 12. Each paper consists of 20 questions with multiple-choice answers and learners have one hour to complete the paper. Each school is provided with the solutions. For this round, the teachers mark.

Learner’s critical thinking ability is improved and the discovery and validation of problem-solving methods are developed through the SAMO questions.

For more information visit the official site at http://www.samf.ac.za

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Application Deadline

Yearly event. The entries for the Olympiad close the first week of February and the First Round is written in March. The Second Round is written in May and the Final Round is in July

Age Range

High School learners


Very competitive as a result of the endorsements and the backing of the Maths Foundation

There are prizes up for grabs for learners and schools such as a Gold medal, R 15 000 and an iPad for the senior overall winner. The junior overall winner walks away with a Gold medal, R 7 500 and an iPad. 

More cash prizes

Participation Cost

Between R20 and R29 per learner for South African entrants. Quintile 1, 2 schools can enter up to 100 learners free of charge

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Good Maths skills

Time Commitment

Prep time for the competition

Application Process Includes

Grade 8 to 12 mathematics educators enter for the Olympiad on behalf of the learners by submitting a completed entry form that can be downloaded from www.samf.ac.za to info@samf.ac.za along with proof of payment.