Feb 23, 2019

International Mathematics Contest Union

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Competition Skill Building


The IMC union organises the international mathematics contest every year. Each time, it is held in a different country, and the contest is designed to test a range of age levels. Over the years, more than ten thousand selected students from Singapore, India, Philippines, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand and Iran have participated in the contest, and it was supported and participated in by nearly one hundred education institutions and schools.

The questions of IMC are divided into three types: Multiple choice (Total 40 points, 5 points each), Fill in the blanks (Total 40 points, 5 points each) and Solve problems (Total 20 points, 10 points each). The total Score is 100 points and the time for the contest is 90 minutes. The questions designed to show the students’ mathematical ability and reflect the mathematics teaching level of the participating countries. As an international contest, the test is available in different languages including Chinese, English, Indonesian, Thai and Korean. The IMC international mathematics Final Contest is held in Singapore each year.

For more information visit the official website at http://www.imcunion.org

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Anyone can compete, but the top 10% receive Gold Medals, the next 20% Silver Medals, the next 40% Bronze Medals, and the final 30% Merit Certificates; a Grand champion prize is awarded to the top scoring student

Participation Cost


Registration is $60 per student, but there may also be travel costs

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


To do well, students should have a good knowledge of maths

Time Commitment


The contest is 90 minutes, but adequate preparation and practice time are likely required to do well

Application Deadline

To be announced for 2019

Application Process Includes