Feb 23, 2019

International Singapore Maths Competition

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  • Worldwide
Competition Skill Building


Singapore Maths is the way Maths is taught to children in Singapore where every child is helped to succeed. In Singapore Maths curriculum, mathematics is defined as an excellent vehicle for the development and improvement of a person’s intellectual competence. Its focus is on thinking and problem solving. It has been extremely successful in producing a consistently high level of mathematical comprehension. Singapore Maths has produced a world-class level of achievement for years, and it is now being used by schools around the globe.

The competition contains familiar skills from classroom learning, carefully moderated and grouped to be suitable for the specified grade level, thereby creating a platform to showcase what the students can do without requiring beyond-grade knowledge. Students are asked to solve 25 problems in 90 minutes, with no penalty for wrong or unanswered questions and the difficulty level gradually increasing over the test. There is a focus on using relevant and everyday life contexts that students can relate to, and stimulating discussion after the competition.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




All students have the ability to do well since the competition is a platform to showcase their classroom skills; however, the top 50, 150 and 300 in each grade level achieve Gold, Silver and Bronze awards respectively (out of usually about 800-900 students in 2018)

Participation Cost


Registration cost as a school; free online resources are available

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Students should have a good knowledge of their grade's syllabus in mathematics

Time Commitment


Students are not expected or required to study beyond their grade or in special training to do well; the competition uses their classroom syllabus

Application Deadline

TBA for 2020

Application Process Includes

Registration form as a school