Sep 25, 2019

Moroccan National Debate Team

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Morocco Debate Association

The Moroccan National Debate Team (MNDT) was created in March 2014 by Soufiane Choubani, and is a first of its kind in North Africa team that competes in international debate and public speaking competitions in English. The MNDT is the first and only North African team to compete in the world´s biggest and oldest debate championship for national teams, the World Schools Debating Championship (WSDC). The national team is governed by Morocco Debate Association (MDA), which is a non-profit organization based in the largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco, Casablanca.

Each year, we choose outstanding students, who display potential in speech and debate, and then trained for months to compete at the most prestigious competitions around the world. We strive to be a team of inspiration to our region while producing a high-ranking team and top debaters. Students who go through are our team have had their lives changed forever and we take tremendous pride in developing the next generation of Moroccan leaders and one of the best national debate teams in Africa.

Our other activities also include an outreach program and hosting debate & public speaking clubs and competitions in different cities. Each summer, we host the Moroccan-Youth Debate Camp, which was the first debate camp in North Africa. We are also the proud organisers of the Moroccan Open Debate Tournament (MODT), which was the first-ever international high school and World Schools Style (WSS) tournament in North Africa.



Organise national & international public speaking and debate competitions

Promote free speech, international understanding & English language

Promote gender equality and empower women

Develop opportunities for the youth of Morocco

Achieve excellence with Team Morocco internationally


Age Groups

Middle Schoolers Group: 10-13 years of age .
High Schoolers Group: 13-19 years of age (If 13 and in high school).
University Group: 18-22 years of age .
Eligible Regions: Open for All.

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Extracurricular Activity

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