Sep 24, 2019

Second Step High School Ambassador

  • Second Step Founder
  • Remote (New Zealand)
Internship Volunteering/Community Service/Social Entreprenuership


Do you want to make a difference in the lives of impoverished high school students who cannot afford good quality school shoes? Second step is looking for someone like you! We are looking to branch out to reach more New Zealanders and are taking applicants to be high school ambassadors within their own schools and communities. Second Step is a charity set up by a high school student, Molly. They collect pre-loved school shoes then re-lace, repair and donate these shoes to lower decile schools. The role would involve coordinating collection points at your high school and working with Second Step to re-lace, clean and then donate these shoes to lower socioeconomic families near you.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



We are looking for someone who is highly motivated to make a difference. As long as you are enthusiastic and hard working, we would love to have you on board. 

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

No particular skills however, you must be in high school.

Time Commitment

You need time to set up a collection within your school. Then every so often, collecting shoes and working with Second Step to distribute them. Commitment you are able to offer can work around us. If you are looking for lots of volunteer hours, we can offer that. But lower commitment roles are also available. 

Application Deadline

No application deadline

Application Process Includes

Email your interest. Introduce yourself, let us know why you are interested and what school you go to. We will then reach out and have a chat.