Sep 23, 2019

EEG Emirates Environmental Group

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The Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) is a professional working group devoted to protecting the environment through means of education, action programs and community involvement.

The Emirates Environmental Group is proud of its wide network of volunteers, members, partners and associates throughout the UAE. All our programmes engage various sectors of the community directly or indirectly. We aim to create a global impact by local changes. 

In particular we pledge:
To comply with the relevant environment laws and regulations where applicable.
To conserve energy and natural resources, encourage reusing and recycling, proper disposal or waste and prevention of pollution.
To encourage employees, member, schools and the community at large to adopt environmentally friendly processes through advisory services, lectures, public presentations, training and effective communication to make the earth a better place to live.
To reduce the in-house consumption of electricity, paper in order to conserve the natural resources.
To assist our member and all interests parties to ensure the disposal of waste in an environment friendly way to reduce the pollution.
To establish, review and achieve annual objectives and targets to ensure year-on-year improvement in environmental performance.
To communicate the environmental policy to all interested parties including our employees, our members, our committee ant the community at large.
To ensure improvement in environmental performance by regular internal environmental audits, achievement of objectives and targets and the annual review of the environmental policy.

“Together for a better environment”.. is the core idea around which all of our pro-environmental activities are woven. It is the common thread that brings educational institutions, private companies, government organisations and community together to contribute to the betterment of our environment by engaging into its innovative programmes.
I entered into the environmental awareness field in late 1980s, with an inner calling to create and establish a system for a whole new generation of environmentalist. My ideas took shape of EEG in 1991 with the support of my colleagues and friends. Since then our journey has been chartered by a commitment to relentlessly widen our horizons, deepen our base and work to accelerate the pro-environmental wave in the country.
I would like to acknowledge the support of our collaborators, government agencies, international bodies, corporate members, academic instituitions and the thousands of parents and children who are a part of, and responsible for this organisation’s success.
We invite you to come on board and be a part of our movement, to enrich with experiences and support for greater heights of achievement.
Let’s start working Together for a Better Environment!

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Extracurricular Activity

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All ages- Membership Categories: Associate, Corporate, Academic, Individual, Student

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You can be a part of all our programmes and participate in activities locally to create a global change! Our memberships are open to corporations, educational institutions, government entities, students, individuals and the general public.

The membership allows concerned citizens to enjoy the following benefits:

Receive a copy of EEG’s monthly newsletters featuring articles that are streamlined and up to date on UAE’s and the global environmental issues.
Avail free collection services from your location (On the conditions that minimum conditions are met).
Opportunity to attend EEG’s Panel Discussions, participate in Waste Management Programmes, Compete in national and international events and much more!
For further information on the membership benefits and fees, kindly email us at or

You can be part of our programmes and initiatives and get involved in bringing about a positive change to the environment. Our memberships are open to corporations, educational institutions, government entities, students, individuals, and the general public.
The Membership allows you to avail the following benefits:
Copy of EEG Monthly e-newsletter featuring articles that are streamlined and up to date on UAE’s environmental issues
Copy of our bi-annual Wastepaper Magazine containing in depth analysis and profiles of the environmental movement across the GCC
Attend EEG’s Community Lectures, participate in Waste Management Programmes, competitions, and public events that allow you to advocate for issues that directly affect you as well as connect and learn from others
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