Sep 21, 2019

music penpal (with someone who lives in a different country)

  • Andrew Zhang
  • Remote (USA)
Club or Organization Other


I love listening to music, and I enjoy more sharing my feelings of music to other people. For me, the experience to communicate with my friends about how we feel and imagine about a song is charming, and I always feel emotionally enriched after such experiences. As this experience is so memorable and valuable, however, a lot of students don't get this experience so often. So I feel it will be cool if there is a platform for high school students to talk about music and how music appeals uniquely to their minds, which are very interesting experiences that can reflect students’ inner-self.


I want to develop a website for students who want to share their insightful perspectives about their favorite songs. Just imagine, plug in your headphones, listen to some music you love, and jot down creatively of your feeling about these songs. I will try to create a website for people to easily share their insights (music as a perfect medium) and to productively communicate with others about their ideas. This website aims to embrace everyone around the world. I think it will be super cool if anyone with any identity and ability can talk about their unique feelings about music. So I wish an online platform - a specially designed website for people to chat about musical feelings- can give an opportunity for high school students who may be interested in. To take additional advantages from the internet platform, people may chat with people from different cultures, for instance, a girl living in Boston may talk to a girl living in Shanghai!


The work for you, if you are interested and with to help me in this project, would not be time consuming or hard at all, the work for volunteers would only be: promoting the projects in highschools (I will work on the website with my friends and you don't need to help with the website, which is a massive workload) So if you are interested to volunteer, contact me on email and I would reply ASAP!  :  )

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

16-18, (highschool)

Participation Cost

No Participation Cost

Time Commitment

Realistically, there won't be confusing, hard works involved in it, nor would it occupy your mind so much- I hope if we work together, the process to make it happen will be joyful and chill. 

Also, I can guarantee you it won't take a lot of your time too, I aim for a goal that this project just to take a small piece of your time in your highschool life, however, very helpful to write it on your university application: because I perceive that this project sounds so cool and impactful. 

Application Process Includes

Simple: write an email to me saying you are interested, and then I would contact you back about more details of this project.