Sep 13, 2019

EduTech Startup for the Developing World

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A social benefit organization committed to working with educational innovators and their governments in the developing world to transform their villages and cities into powerful learning communities. We emphasize team-based coaching, open-source educational content, and frequent sharing of information using a low-cost digital library network that works off the Internet with locally-generated power. This approach is especially effective working with remote and marginalized communities and schools with limited resources. Our goal is to enable the members of these communities to transform learning into an active, engaging, and sustainable process that is relevant to the specific and evolving needs of everyone in their community. Currently, we are providing strategic advice and technical assistance to its emerging nation-based OLE Centers in Nepal, Rwanda, Ghana, Mexico, Kenya, Jordan, and others under development.

Those with an interest in a Virtual Software Engineering Internship are invited to apply.

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Crimson Students Only Opportunity

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