Sep 05, 2019

Payments & Lending platform for SME's

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A platform that allows Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to pay all operating expenses (ie. rent, salaries, suppliers, etc.) using a credit card. Through credit cards, SMES would gain instant access to inexpensive capital and immediately improve operational cash flow/working capital. Founded by an early Stripe employee and a former investor in emerging markets Asia, the company looks to leverage transaction data and existing banking relationships to build a full stack credit-based payments system for all Asian SMEs.
Headquartered in Singapore and Hong Kong,the company is currently aiming to quickly expand regionally in the Asia Pacific Region.

Today, there are many business segments where cash, cheques and bank transfers remain the predominant method for payment. The company is a credit based payments platform that allow SMEs (and to a certain extent, certain consumers) to pay (for a fee) any expense/bill with a credit card.

After building out a playbook in the more developed countries of Asia (HK, SG, JP, KR, TW), we want to expand into emerging markets in SEA (TH, ID, VN, etc) to build a credit-based payment system for businesses. More specifically, cash flow is core to the growth and ultimate survival of a small business. While there are startups looking to solve the problem of SME lending and B2B payment in isolation, we believe that the combination of two services together will greatly improve the user experience and adoption rate.

Those with an interest in SEO-driven Content Growth Hacking Internship or Fintech Content Writer Internship are invited to apply.

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