Aug 14, 2019

Financial Modeling World Championship

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ModelOff is the home of The Financial Modeling World Championships. ModelOff hosts an annual competition open to individuals and teams who have a passion for financial modelling. 

The competition is open to students and professionals who compete on an open playing field. Individuals who enter will have the opportunity to proceed to the finals which will be held in London, UK for 2019. The final is consists of 10 individual competitors and 6 Rookies. A Rookie is a student aged 24 or under. 

Teams have the option of competing in the Private League or the standard team competition. The Private League allows teams to select the company league (professionals) or university league (students).

ModelOff prides itself on providing an educational competition that is open to participants from across the globe, offering participants the opportunity to witness and be part of advanced financial modelling in an exciting and fast-paced environment. 

For more information, please click here.  

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

All ages - Student to Professionals.



This is a very high-level competition of financial modelling.

Participation Cost


No apparent costs involved. Those who reach the finals will be flown to London, UK.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Strong knowledge of financial modelling is recommended.

Time Commitment


The competition time spans 1 - 2 days at various times of the year.

Application Deadline

There is no apparent deadline.

Application Process Includes

Apply online by completing the registration form.

Please refer to the website for more details.