Aug 05, 2019

Dawn Aerospace

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Dawn Aerospace is developing a launch vehicle capable of flight to space, multiple times a day - reinventing space transportation as we know it. Dawn Aerospace has developed a propulsion technology which will allow them to send daily hypersonic, suborbital and orbital flights.

Students with the opportunity to work with Dawn Aerospace will be part of the team that is set to revolutionise the fields of hypersonic, high altitude and microgravity research. Dawn Aerospace has been recognised as the first in the world to present a 3D pressure vessel that has meet European Space Agency Standards.

This is a fantastic chance to work with an exciting company at the forefront of world-changing technology and pursuits. Enthusiastic students with an interest in forward-thinking technology will be well-suited for this opportunity.

Dawn Aerospace is open to application for New Zealand summer paid interns - applicants need to be NZ Citizens.

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