Aug 05, 2019

Gung Ho Pizza

  • Crimson Education
  • Worldwide


Gung Ho Pizza is an environmentally and people conscious pizza company that operates in China, run by two lads from New Zealand. Gung Ho Pizza operates as a morally conscious company producing what customers want, providing the flavours they desire and looking after their employees and suppliers along the way.

Gung Ho Pizza became the first BCorp certified restaurant group in China - recognising their goal of using the power of food to inspire positive change in our community and find solutions minimising our negative impact on the environment.

Gung Ho Pizza will continue to grow and create pizzas with a difference. Students with the opportunity to work with Gung Ho Pizza will experience the fast-paced industry of hospitality and also come to view the world a little differently as they see how businesses can have a positive impact across a vast range of sectors.

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Crimson Students Only Opportunity

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