Aug 05, 2019


  • Crimson Education
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Melodics™ is an app on your desktop that teaches you how to play music - from MIDI keyboards to drums and pad controllers. Melodics™ masters the skills of the best musicians worldwide enabling them to create the world’s best music. Presently, the platform is used by 200,000 musicians and growing.

Melodics™ provides a fun, relevant, rewarding and addictive platform for clients to grow their skills and master the musical skills they have always desired. Melodics™ is easy to use - clients simply download the app and sign up.

Working with Melodics™ will introduce students to the music industry. This will allow students to explore different business aspects such as tech, marketing, sales and customer relations. This opportunity is well-suited for students interested in businesses with a unique outlook and that want to change the world of music.

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Crimson Students Only Opportunity

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