Aug 04, 2019


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Flirtey is an independent drone delivery service that strives to save lives and improve the lifestyles of the community by instantly delivering goods for everyone. To name a few corporations amoungst others that Flirtey has worked with are NASA, New Zealand Land Search & Rescue, Domino’s and 7-Eleven to name a few of their partnerships. They have also recently announced a partnership in the US which enables them to deliver the first automated external defibrillator’s.

Established in 2013, Flirtey is a growing business which strives to deliver goods effectively and efficiently. They have pioneered the best technology and tested this throughout New Zealand, Australia and the US.

Students accepted to this role will be exposed to a wide range of tools and environments. The role is well-suited for an enthusiastic student who is interested in new technologies, drones, sales and growth for the greater good on the environment and those in it.

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Crimson Students Only Opportunity

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