Jul 02, 2019

International Study Representative for your School

  • Crimson Education
  • Worldwide
Internship Certification Skill Building Crimson Student - Only


If you are passionate about studying abroad and want to enhance your leadership skills, then applying to become an International Study Representative for your school is an ideal opportunity for you!

You will be able to act as a liaison between your high school and Crimson Education - helping to promote some of the fantastic opportunities and mentorship programs that Crimson has to offer. The main benefits of the role involve receiving strategic support for your ideas, being part of a network of other like-minded high school students and learning about the overseas opportunities on offer. Studying abroad early builds global competencies such as language and cross-cultural skills, maturity, and clarity about one's post-secondary education and career.

Chosen applicants will receive invaluable experience and guidance from Crimson Education. The internship is 10-30 hours, subject to the mentor's needs. Mentorship will take place online unless otherwise agreed upon.

Type of Opportunity

Crimson Students Only Opportunity

Age Range

15 - 18 years.



Selection based on academic achievement and interview.

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Applicants must have a keen interest in and a level of familiarity with this field.


Time Commitment


10 hours of commitment over 3 months (or longer if needed) Minimum 2 sessions per month.

Online video calls (Skype or Google) or remote sessions.
Or if you are based in NZ, @ Crimson HQ in Parnell, Auckland.

Application Process Includes

All applications must go to: ecladmin@crimsoneducation.org