Jun 29, 2019


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Internship Crimson Student - Only


Drumleaf is an innovative games company that uses music to inspire and educate kids. Web and mobile games have a growing place in entertainment and learning for kids, and Drumleaf is building an ecosystem of games that pilot the next generation of interactive experiences through creativity and collaboration. With this in mind, Drumleaf also ensures that game content and environment are positive and safe for kids.

Students selected for this opportunity can be part of a team that is passionate about creating the best online gaming and learning environments for the next generation. Their first game Star86.com is a 3D virtual world for children to be creative with music and encourages them to explore music via gaming in a futuristic space environment.

Students have the opportunity to work in a team with founders who are passionate about creating material that brings fun and learning together.

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Crimson Students Only Opportunity

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