Feb 23, 2019


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Adopt-a-Physicist connects high school physics students to real physics graduates who are eager to share their stories. This gives students an insight into life as a scientist, as well as a space to enjoy and be curious about what they are learning.

Working in areas ranging from particle physics research to freelance writing, the participating physicists embody a huge range of careers, backgrounds, interests, and educational levels. Adopt-a-Physicist connects classes with the physicists of their choice through online discussion forums that are active for a set three-week period, and students should participate fully in these forums.

Each physicist can only be "adopted" by up to three classes, making lively, in-depth discussions possible, and teachers are encouraged to spend an hour in class going through the discussions each week. These discussions may be on physics, on career advice, or anything else the students are interested in.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Open to all high school classes globally that are proficient in English

Participation Cost


No cost

Minimum Technical Skill Needed



Time Commitment


Active participation as a class in discussion boards over a three-week period. Teachers should spend an hour a week reading the discussions in class.

Application Deadline

Fall 2020

Application Process Includes

Create login and complete online registration


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