May 28, 2019

Doha COBIS Medical Review Conference

  • Crimson Education
  • Doha College, Al Waab Campus, Al Bustan Street, Doha, Qatar
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On Saturday 23 February 2019, Doha College will be holding their sixth annual Medical Review School Conference at their Al Waab campus in Doha, Qatar. For this event, Doha College has once again partnered with COBIS to extend invites to British schools across the world.

This event brings together aspiring medical students and industry experts to present on some of the key medicinal challenges of the 21st century. The Medical Review Conference allows students who are thinking of following medicine to enhance their skills and boost their university applications.

Event details

For this one-day conference, interested schools are invited to enter teams from Years 11, 12 and 13 to research recent developments in medicine and deliver a short presentation about it.

2020 marked the seventh edition of the medical conference, over 65 teams of students from 18 schools signed-up, including two schools from outside Qatar. This number is the highest in the history of the conference. Additionally, two new topics were introduced – Neuroscience and Psychiatry; and Oral Health.

Each year, Doha College principal Dr Steffen Sommer expresses a keen interest in the medical conference. “Every year, I very much look forward to opening our much-vaunted Medical Conference, which we host in partnership with COBIS. Having seen the event grow steadily since the first conference seven years ago, in the number of participating schools and teams; and in international reach, we are immensely proud to welcome this year to Doha College, a total of 18 schools from three different countries.”

Student presentations must fall within the following topic areas:

Epidemiology of Infectious Disease
Technology in Medicine
Radiological, Pathological and Diagnostic Updates
Feto-maternal Medicine (Obstetrics and Antenatal Care)
Hereditary and Metabolic Diseases


1st Prize: QAR2000
2nd Prize: QAR1000
3rd Prize: QAR500

For more information, please click here.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Year 11 - 13.



There are only three top prizes.

Participation Cost


Flight and accommodation in Doha. May be subsidized by the school.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Students should be high achievers in subjects such as biology and have both skill and passion for the medical fields/anatomy. They will be required to devise medical solutions to real world problems. Therefore, engineering students may also be interested in competing.

They will not be required to build anything or conduct ground-breaking research but will have to have sufficient research + presentation skills, as well as a foundational understanding of their topics.

Time Commitment


The event is just one day, but the preparation will take weeks. Students will be required to do research, prepare abstracts and devise solutions to the various stated problems, and should, therefore, be willing to commit significant time to their entries.

Application Deadline

2020 applications have closed. Dates for 2021 Conference to to be released.

Application Process Includes

Schools need to fill in our online application form to register their teams.