May 28, 2019

Dubai Maths Super League

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The Dubai Maths Super League is a series of competitions testing mathletes in each year group, from years 7-13. The events (one for each year group) are hosted at different schools in Dubai each year.

The competition consisted of 4 rounds of 30 minutes, with questions carefully crafted by our newly founded Maths Society members from Years 12 and 13. These rounds varied from multiple choice to taxing logic puzzles, fully challenging all aspects of the Year 11 students’ Mathematical abilities.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Ages 13 - 18.



Schools from around the city send their best teams (pairs) to the competition, with around 20-30 teams per age group, per year. Students are given scores and then ranked according to their age group categories. The level of skill in the top teams is very high.

Participation Cost


No costs. 

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


The level of skill in the top/winning teams is very high. The competition is really only useful (and a candidate is only eligible) if they can meet certain standards in mathematics, usually determined by their grades and ranking within their respective schools.

Time Commitment


The student would already be taking mathematics at school. Therefore, the additional time commitment is fairly limited to team strategy/meetings and practising.

Application Process Includes

Apply through your school. 

Event is held on the 19th of October.