May 25, 2019

Mentorship with Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Crimson Education
  • Worldwide
Internship Research Opportunity Skill Building Crimson Student - Only


This is a fantastic opportunity for aspiring High School students to develop research skills in a chosen discipline of their interest alongside an experienced Postdoctoral Fellow. 

Students will complete a small independent research project in a specific discipline that they are passionate about and will receive expert guidance from their mentor. They will work towards developing a suitable research question, design appropriate research methods and work towards the completion of an essay, report, thesis, or paper, as deemed appropriate. 

Many students are fascinated by the prospect of working on a high-level research project and benefit greatly from early academic exposure. The experience is a valuable asset for students preparing for their College career.  

Selected students will have a specific number of direct contact hours with their mentor (between 10 to 30 hours) over a period of 3 to 6 months, during which they will receive guidance for their independent project. Sessions will be scheduled as per the mentor's availability. 

Type of Opportunity

Crimson Students Only Opportunity

Age Range

High School Students



Applicants will be selected for interview.

Participation Cost


No specific cost

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Proven interest is required.
Any required skills will be taught by the mentor during the internship.

Time Commitment


10 to 30 hours of mentorship over a period of 3 to 6 months.
Additional time commitment for independent work on research project.