Feb 23, 2019

Fórum FAAP

  • Crimson Education
  • Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) - Rua Alagoas - Higienópolis, São Paulo - State of São Paulo, Brazil
Multiple Competition Skill Building


Fórum FAAP is a MUN Conference where students are prepared to work as diplomats, representing different countries in a United Nations-modeled discussion on real-world problems that would be attached to a variety of committees within the UN. Fórum FAAP's goal is to develop students' critical thinking and citizenship, developing their knowledge of our globalized world. Fórum FAAP also offers awards to students that stand out in the competition, such as Best Delegation, Best Mediator, Honorable Mentions, etc.

Due to the crisis triggered by Covid-19, the FAAP Forum organization decided to cancel the 2020 conference. Dates for the 2021 FAAP are to be announced. 

Refer to their website for the latest updates and further information here

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



Teachers register their school, and it is subsequently the responsibility of the school to select around 12 students to attend the conference.

Participation Cost


There is a participation fee of around $21USD

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Students need to study and to be prepared to talk about the chosen topics for the conference. 

Time Commitment


The duration of the conference is 4 days, from April 17th-April 20th, 2019. 

Application Deadline

2020 event has been cancelled - dates for 2021 are TBA.

Application Process Includes

1. Online pre-registration

2. Application forms and an accompanying written essay.