May 15, 2019

Global Enterprise Experience

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The Global Enterprise Experience aims to provide a platform where each contestant will be given the opportunity to develop their skills as a global leader, a social entrepreneur and a citizen of the world.

The program brings together people from all over the world, who compete in teams of 8. The focus is that the team competes - not the country. To date, there have been over 10,000 applicants from over 650 universities across 115 counties.

Various prizes are available for successful teams.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Tertiary Education.



The competition is open to all but there are few top awards.

Participation Cost


There is no cost to entry.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


No specific skills are required.

Time Commitment


The competition runs from 1 May - 22 May 2019. 2020 dates to be announced.

Application Deadline

Competition has closed for 2019. Please check the website for 2020 date announcements.

Application Process Includes

Please check the website. 

It is of note that the competition is held at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand.


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