May 07, 2019

IYSJ Leadership Position Application

  • International Youth Science Journal
  • Worldwide. (Meeting timezones will be UTC +08)
Multiple Skill Building Other


The International Youth Science Journal ( is currently seeking enthusiastic students to take on several leadership positions. The vacant positions (as of May 2019) are:

Publishing Administrator

Duties: manage timeline of issue publishing, coordinate communication between other roles

Qualities: enthusiastic, organized, good communicator

Content Director

Duties: fact check article submissions, approve articles

Qualities: enthusiastic, knowledgable, unbiased

Head of Editing

Duties: edit approved articles

Qualities: enthusiastic, good writer

Head of Media

Duties: design graphics for the journal, format articles

Qualities: enthusiastic, creative

Brand Ambassador

Duties: maintain the journal's social media and advertise the journal through them

Qualities: enthusiastic, outgoing, sociable

Head of Public Relations

Duties: identify and reach out to potential writers and interviewees

Qualities: enthusiastic, outgoing, sociable


Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Age Range

Secondary school(ages 12 ~ 19)



Applications are reviewed on a rolling bases. Only one person will be accepted into each role.

Participation Cost


No costs.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Candidates need to have at least secondary level of scientific knowledge and satisfy the qualities described under each position.

Time Commitment


Time commitment varies slightly with each position but the candidate will be expected to dedicate at least 60 minutes per week during publishing month (every 3 months) and enough time (varies) to perform their job description during other months.

Application Deadline

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling bases (all positions are expected to be filled by late August).

Application Process Includes

Fill out the following form and we will get back to you within a month.