Apr 18, 2019

Examenspreis der Gimmler Logistik Stiftung

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  • Germany
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The Gimmler Logistics Foundation gGmbH awards an exam prize for the best thesis in the logistics and legal interface area. The prize itself includes a grant of 2,000 €. In addition, the award-winning work will be published as part of the Gimmler LOGiSCIENCE © series. To be eligible, applicants must have produced either bachelor theses, master theses, diploma theses, dissertations or similar works in the relevant logistic topics with contractual relation. This must not explicitly be a jurisprudential work. The combination of logistical and business administration with legal subjects is especially interesting.

Specifically, for example, topics such as quantity regulations, CIP rules, service level agreements or the consideration of liability or tax consequences of contract design alternatives. Examination of the contents of the exam is carried out in two stages: for a preliminary examination, the title, the structure, and proof of grade are sufficient. If a sufficient reference to the topic area of ​​the exam price is determined by the prize committee, the complete thesis can be submitted. The award winners also agree to make the award-winning work of the Gimmler Logistik Stiftung gGmbH available free of charge for publication within a new foundation series in the sense of a simple, temporally, substantively and spatially unlimited and non-exclusive right of use.

The Koblenz Foundation deals with research projects as well as further education and training in the field of logistics and law. In the past, they have specifically promoted various research and theses. With the invitation to tender for the Gimmler Exam Prize, the foundation is placing its young talent promotion on another foothold towards future success.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Post-graduate students



Only one thesis is selected from hundreds of applicants.

Participation Cost


There are no costs involved with the application for this prize.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Applicants must present outstanding work in the fields of logistics and supply chain management with a strong practical focus in their thesis.

Time Commitment


The work submitted for this competition involves several years worth of conducted research.

Application Deadline

Late October, each year.

Application Process Includes

Application documents can be submitted online, and must include:
Copy of the scientific thesis
Short description of the content.
Copy of diploma or other proof of grading
Tabular CV