Apr 12, 2019

Advice with an Expert Entrepreneur + Crimson Senior Executive

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Skill Building Other Crimson Student - Only Internships for Purchase


[Crimson Students Only]

Few students get to see the other side of Crimson - one of New Zealand's highest growth start-ups in history.

This project provides the student with the exciting opportunity to shadow a senior executive of the Crimson team who was one of the first employees at the company. The student will gain valuable insights into how they help build and scale Crimson Education as a start-up in more than 16 different markets.

With experiences in investment banking and product management, this mentor will be able to provide deep insights into company management and service delivery. 

The chosen student in this peer-to-peer opportunity would have the chance to shadow this individual as they work through their various roles. They may even have the chance to come into the Crimson head office in New Zealand or a local office depending on the mentor's location at the time. 

Hours and duration are subject to discussions between the mentor and applicant. However, this will entail approximately 10 hours of work completing a value-add project at the mentor’s request.


Learning Points

Skills: Business Strategy, Product Development, Finance 
Areas Work In: New Product Development, Merger and Acquisition Research, Market Research
a) find a company that has a product in a certain sector that we can acquire
b) find out how large a certain market is for a certain product through primary research and online research
c) speak to some current students and find new product offerings 
Internships for Purchase - for purchase price inquiry apply here at https://forms.gle/viBCtDthWz5bc8PU9 - internship prices begin at 4,000 USD.

Type of Opportunity

Crimson Students Only Opportunity

Age Range

15-18 years.


4/5 Selection based on academic achievement and interview.

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

3/5 Applicants will want to have an interest in the area.

Time Commitment

2/5 Low time commitment.

Application Process Includes

Apply online.