Apr 10, 2019

DZ Bank Karriere-preis

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  • Germany
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With a total of 24,000 euros, the career prize of the DZ BANK Group is the highest endowed university prize of the German economy for academic theses in the field of banking and finance.
The submitted theses are evaluated by a jury of science and practice. Assessment criteria are in particular structure, methodology, originality, topicality and practical relevance.

With total prize money of 24,000 euros, the career prize of the DZ BANK Group is the highest-endowed university prize in its field. The prize money in the category Master theses amounts to 7,500 euros for the first prize, the second prize 5,000 euros and the third prize: 2,500 euros. In the Bachelor theses category, the first prize receives 4,500 euros, the second prize 3,000 euros and the third prize 1,500 euros.

If you believe that your thesis is outstanding, then make more and apply for the DZ BANK Group Career Award.

For more information, please refer here.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Tertiary students



Each year, several hundred theses are submitted for the award, and only the best six academic theses in the field of "Banking & Finance" are awarded.

Participation Cost


There are no associated costs with applying for this award.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


The work was judged by a jury composed of representatives from industry and practice. Assessment criteria are in particular structure and methodology, originality of the approach, timeliness of the topic, the practical relevance of the work as well as personal contribution.

Time Commitment


The work submitted for this competition involves several years of study (bachelors or masters thesis).

Application Deadline

Submissions can be made until the end of December, each year. The documents should be received by post by the beginning of January, the following year.

Application Process Includes

To apply for the Career Award of the DZ BANK Group, register under "My Career Award". There you enter all the data for the application, then print out the completed application form and sign it. You must then send the application form along with all other documents (hardcover and digital graduation work, printed and digital abstract, and curriculum vitae) via the post.