Feb 23, 2019

Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Tests

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The Thailand Educational Development and Evaluation Tests - (TEDET) are held by the institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST), with the central objectives to develop student's individual skills in critical thinking and problem solving along with creativity. IPST consider these skills to be necessary in the learning process for the 21st century's educational landscape, in which this mindset pushes IPST in it's desire for Thailand's academic excellence. They strive to educate Thai students so that they have knowledge and skills in the fields of science, mathematics, and technology on par with that of international standards. They are aware of the importance of improving qualities of teaching mathematics and science for elementary and lower secondary students all across the country.

After organising the evaluative tests to determine skills in solving mathematical and scientific problems, opportunities will be offered to teachers and students who joined the program by providing access to information database for the purpose of researching mathematical and scientific subjects through the knowledge storing system ‘TEDET Online’. TEDET Online is a content and questions (sample problems) database from South Korea that assist teachers in preparation of teaching math and science. Teachers can assign homework to students after which the results can be discussed in the class, supported by detailed answer keys and explanations for all problems. Teachers can also control students’ access to detailed answers. This system is accessible for all students whether they are located in the countryside or urban cities, regardless the size of the schools.

IPST gives the opportunity for all students in evaluating their individual academic level of mathematical skill based on the "Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA)", which is the global evaluative test used to determine the skills and potential in learning for student's ability in mathematics, science, and critical reading. These questions aren't designed to test only in-class based knowledge, but they are integral questions that would require students' comprehensive reading which can enable the students to know how to adapt the knowledge they absorbed in reality.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Participation is available to all students enrolled in a Thai primary or lower-secondary school, and can be completed online.

Participation Cost


As the TEDET programme is fully sponsored, individuals students do not need to pay an entry fee to participate in the programme.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


There are no prior technical skill-sets required for this programme, rather it is aimed providing the opportunity for elementary and lower-secondary students to participate in a programme for which they can evaluate their problem-solving skills in mathematical and science subjects.

Time Commitment


The test itself takes 1-2 depending on level. The amount of time dedicated to study or preparation leading up to the exam is at the discretion of the entrant.

Application Deadline

Registration takes place in July.

Application Process Includes

The test date is in September (2020 dates TBA.) The announcement of national and provincial awards takes place in November (2020 dates TBA), as does the individual's result announcement online.