Apr 09, 2019

Bundeswettbewerb "Jugend musiziert" (National competition "Youth makes music")

  • Crimson Education
  • Germany


"Jugend musiziert" is the most renowned music promotion project in Germany. Almost one million children and young people have taken part in ""Jugend musiziert"" in the 55 years of its existence. This is a prestigous music competition for students of all ages in Germany. The competition is divided into three stages: First stage is at regional level, second is at federal state level for those who passed the first stage. Those passing federal state level will compete at national level.

A professional jury judges the interpretation of the presented works, and the young musicians are awarded points according to their performance. After playing, the participants have the possibility, in private interviews, to pose questions about their personal musical goals to the members of the jury. Aside from the motivation and inspiration that this contest aims to instil in young people, further promotion, support and scholarships are offered subsequent to the contest. This may consist of projects of the German Music Council or the State Music Councils - such as the Federal Youth Orchestra, the State Youth Orchestras, or courses in chamber music.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Ages 12-21 years old



All students enrolled in a German school are eligible to participate. However, it is competitive in the sense that historically, the competition has had over 20,000 participants in 148 domestic regional competitions and 30 German schools abroad. About 6,500 of them were forwarded to the federal state competitions and nearly 2,000 first prize-winners attended the national competition.

Participation Cost


There are no associated fees with participating in this competition - however, travel costs may have to be taken into consideration if competing in the national competition. 

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


It serves both the promotion of amateur music and the promotion of young people with professional musical ambitions. In order to succeed, participants must possess musical talent, a high level of motivation, determination and perseverance - but also confidence in performing before an audience.

Time Commitment

Participation is flexible in terms of time - therefore the amount of time dedicated to the competition project(s) is at the discretion of the participant.

Application Deadline

The registration deadline is typically in mid-November. The exact dates for the 2020 competition are TBA.

Application Process Includes

In order to participate, the current scoring program is needed from the participant. The necessary forms for this are available for download online . Please note that all pages must always be completed and returned to the federal office.