Apr 08, 2019

Jugend gründet

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  • Germany
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Jugend gründet is a two-stage nationwide online competition for pupils and trainees that has been supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since 2003,. Within the two play phases, participation is flexible. Participation in individual modules is also possible. Every year several thousand students and trainees all over Germany and at German schools abroad are developing innovative business ideas, developing business plans and leading their virtual companies to economic success over eight business periods. In the course of the competition year, participants can gain in-depth insights into the economic context and become acquainted with the importance of initiative and entrepreneurial spirit in their own work. Around the competition, a growing educational platform has been formed on the subject of Entrepreneurship Education, which prepares more in-depth knowledge about start-up, business administration, creativity, innovation and other topics in an age-appropriate manner.

For more information about this competition, please visit here.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Ages 12-23 years old



All students enrolled in a German high school between the ages of 16 and 21 are eligible for initial participation.

Participation Cost


There are no associated fees with participating in this competition.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Skills in commerce and critical thinking are preferable, but not vital. The first phase is about the development of an innovative product, trade or service idea. After brainstorming, a business plan is created using an input mask on the website.

In the second, the planning phase, it is important to make a virtual enterprise successful with entrepreneurial decisions. The market is controlled by a high-quality economic simulation. It is also possible to enter the simulation phase directly, without participation in the first competition phase, with a standard business plan.

Time Commitment

Within the two phases of the game, participation is flexible in terms of time - therefore the amount of time dedicated to the competition project(s) is at the discretion of the participant.

Application Deadline

Business plan presentations (for the first phase of the competition) must be submitted by March. Exact dates for 2020 are TBA.

Application Process Includes

From September can be started in the business plan phase. The business plan screen opens in the menu item Participants. In order for the texts to be saved, the participants must first have logged in. Help texts behind the question mark are available directly in the business plan screen. The help texts are also available as a PDF.

The business plan must be saved on the website by January. Only what is saved on the deadline will be evaluated by the jury. Each saved business plan receives an individual rating with constructive suggestions for improvement.

The second competition phase begins in February with the business simulation game. The company simulation can be flexibly played from February until the end of the school year.