Apr 05, 2019

Jugend Debattiert (Youth debates)

  • Crimson Education
  • Germany
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Jugend Debattiert combines training in class with a nationwide competition for pupils from grade 8 onwards. Training and competition can take place within the school from grade 5 onwards.

In the nationwide competition there are debates in two age groups: Classes 8-10 and grades 10-13. Debates take place at various levels: From the school competition to the regional and state competition to the national competition, in which the best debaters from all over Germany meet every year in Berlin.

This competition gives you the chance to get involved, have a say, and persuade an audience. This is also an opportunity to develop many skills that will help you in school and in everyday life. In exchange with the others, you develop your personality and profit in the long term. You want to measure yourself outside the classroom? The youth-debated competition offers you the chance to progress in competition with others: from the best in your school to the regional and state judgments right through to the federal final.

You can develop better speaking skills for classes and lectures, learn how to find your own point of view, stand by it and take care of others. Through this competition, you can become persuasive in performances, exams and applications - because you gain confidence in your demeanor and self-confidence. Finally, this is a fantastic chance for you to meet young people from all over Germany and make new friends.

Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Age group I (Grades 8 - 10) and Age Group II (Grades 10 - 13).



Each competition debated at youth consists of two qualifying rounds and one final. The participants compete in two separate age groups. In the qualifying rounds, each participant debates twice. The points from both rounds are added up and noted down for each participant in a table. The four first places in this table are qualified for the final debate.

The winner of the competition is who wins the final, i.e. the highest score in the final debate. The first two finishers of each final debate are qualified for the next higher level of the competition. Per age group, a maximum of 32 people can participate in a single contest. If the number of participants falls below eight people in a class competition, qualifying rounds or final debate may be waived. Should not more than eight people participate in a school competition, two semi-finals can be held instead of two qualifying rounds.

Participation Cost


There are no associated fees with participating in this competition.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Each performance in the competition is rated according to four criteria: expertise, expressiveness, conversation ability, and persuasiveness. Participants must possess excellent debating, public speaking and argumentative skills.

Time Commitment

The amount of time dedicated to the competition (in addition to any possible preparatory work) is at the discretion of the participant. This is also subject to variability depending on the number of rounds that the entrant partakes in.

Application Deadline

March for the regional competitions, and May for the federal competitions.

Application Process Includes

The requirement for your participation is that your school is a youth-debating school. Then you can attend classes or a working group where the debate is explained and practiced. That is the requirement for participation in the competition. You can participate in the competition as a debater or as a juror.