Apr 01, 2019

Generation Gap in Russia

  • Kyle
  • Moscow, Russia
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Ekaterina Veber is a student who goes to School President in Moscow in 9 grade and is going to direct, write, and produce a film about Generational gap in Russia. This film will show the difference between kids nowadays (Ekaterina and her parents), how the culture changed, how did society change and why? The topic of Ekaterina’s film is relevant at all times. This film can be used as a narrative documentary film which shows lives of people in different time. The film is about problems that are not often acknowledged nowadays. The film is based on true stories. It shows the Russian cultures, traditions, and parts of Russian life that is fascinating to watch. This film hopes to destroy stereotypes about Russians.

Type of Opportunity

Capstone Project

Age Range



Applicant must be creative, confident, respectful, and understand his purpose

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Applicant needs to know how to use a camera. Have a basic understanding of the production process.

Time Commitment

Production of the film will take 4 months. May (weekends/holidays) June/July (as needed).

Application Deadline

May 15th

Application Process Includes

Applicant needs to record a video where he or she talking about themselves (their hobbies, film production skills, and why they want to participate)