Mar 30, 2019

Bundeswettbewerb Mathematik (National Mathematics Competition)

  • Crimson Education
  • Germany


The National Mathematics Competition is a mathematics competition for schoolchildren with an interest in mathematics. It consists of two homework rounds and a mathematical discussion in the final third round. In addition to knowledge of mathematics at school, you must also have some stamina to participate.

The Federal Mathematics Competition is sponsored by BILDUNG & BEGABUNG. The competition is jointly financed by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Stifterverband. As a project of education and talent, the Federal Mathematics Competition is under the patronage of the Federal President. The Länder authorities responsible for education and cultural affairs support the competition and advocate its participation. The central objectives of this competition is to arouse and interest in mathematics, to promote the enjoyment of algebra, combinatorics and Co. The Federal Mathematics Competition also aims to encourage students with interesting and demanding tasks to spend a long time studying mathematics.

The first round is open to students of all grades who attend a school in Germany. In terms of content, however, competition is directed at grades 9 to 13 of schools leading to higher education entrance qualification. Pupils at German schools abroad can also participate, but restrictions apply. All winners of the first round are eligible to participate in the second round. The first winners of the second round have qualified for participation in the third round. This is also a fantastic opportunity to attain monetary prizes and scholarships in the final.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range

Students from all grades


Participation is open to all German students enrolled at a high school in Germany and from all grades. However, it is highly competitive in the sense that only a select few can progress through to the subsequent rounds in the competition.

Participation Cost


There are no associated fees with participating in this competition. However, if a participant makes it to the third round - there may be travel costs involved.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


This national competition is technically demanding. In order to succeed, participants must have a talent and strength for mathematics, algebra, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Time Commitment

The amount of time dedicated to the competition tasks and projects (in addition to any possible preparatory work) is at the discretion of the participant. However, each of the two homework rounds have to be solved in-house in about two months and written in writing.

Application Deadline

First round deadlines: TBA for 2021 competition (call for tenders, mailing documents).

Application Process Includes

There are different application processes depending on the different rounds of the competition. Assigned competition tasks are to be physically submitted, in liaison with the participant's school, to:

Federal Competition Mathematics | Education & Gift | PO Box 20 02 01 | 53132 Bonn A