Mar 22, 2019

Mentorship with an renowned New Zealand University Dean

  • Crimson Education
  • Worldwide
Expert Career Advice Skill Building Other Crimson Student - Only



This mentor comes with a lifetime worth of experience across various professions. They have dedicated their life to thinking differently and putting people together to solve problems that result in making a difference.

Sitting on the board of Kent Business School and acting as an Emeritus Professor and Dean at the University of Otago the mentor is able to provide the chosen mentee with worldwide experience across a variety of areas.

The chosen student in this peer-to-peer opportunity may have the chance to shadow this individual as they work through their various roles on a daily basis.

Hours and duration are subject to discussions between the mentor and applicant. However, this will entail approximately 10 hours of work completing a value-add project at the mentor’s request.


Learning Points

 - At least 3 skills the student will learn

  • Ability to be innovative and creative
  • Ability to understand and communicate their talents (clear and latent talents the student does not know they have)
  • Development of leadership and team skills

 - At least 3 areas the student can expect to work in

  • Leadership development
  • Short and long term career development and the world of the future
  • Major and minor identification opportunity identification

3 short examples of tasks at the student might be asked to do

  • What will the world of your chosen major look like in 5 and 10 years time e.g what will journalism look like – the impact of AI
  • Undertake and interest matrix to identify areas of interest that can be combined, reinforce each other etc.
  • Undertake a journey of life and key influences from your teens to identify key strengths and weaknesses, existing and latent talents and develop your passions and self as a person to impact the world.  At 80 years of age,  reflecting back on your life, what do you want to have achieved and what legacy do you want to have left?


Type of Opportunity

Crimson Students Only Opportunity

Age Range

15 - 18 years.



Selection based on academic achievement and interview.

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Applicants will want to have an interest in the area.

Time Commitment


Low time commitment.

Application Process Includes

Apply online.