Mar 22, 2019

Entrepreneurship Opportunity with Wharton Alumni

  • Crimson Education
  • Worldwide
Expert Career Advice Skill Building Other Crimson Student - Only



This rare opportunity is open only to students living in San Francisco, California.

Students interested in this opportunity will have the opportunity to be mentored by one of Crimson’s own Managing Directors.

Having studied at the University of Pennsylvania, graduating with a Master of Business Administration and coming out with a GPA at the top of her class, this mentor didn't rest on her laurels. Shortly after graduating, she co-founded two of their own businesses. One, a social enterprise which focused on educating students to become more socially aware and the second, focusing on beauty in women.

The mentee has the exciting chance to benefit from her experience and expertise in this competitive field and receive guidance towards their own aspirations.

Hours and duration are subject to discussions between the mentor and applicant. However, this will entail approximately 10 hours of work completing a value-add project at the mentor’s request.

(Entries closed until further notice.)

Type of Opportunity

Crimson Students Only Opportunity

Age Range

15 - 18 years.



Selection based on academic achievement and interview.

Participation Cost


Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Applicants will want to have an interest in the area.

Time Commitment


Low time commitment.

Application Process Includes

Apply online.