Feb 23, 2019

American Regions Math League

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  • Penn State University, State College, PA, USA
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The American Regions Mathematics League's (ARML) annual competition brings together the nation's top students. TARM provides youth an opportunity to meet, compete against, and socialise with one another, forming friendships and honing their mathematical skills.

From its establishment in 1976, ARML has flourished into a national program, involving almost 2000 students and teachers from almost every state. The contest is the World Series of mathematics competitions and is designed for high school students, although some exceptional junior high students attend each year.

The competition consists of several events, which include a team round, a power question (in which a team solves proof-oriented questions), an individual round, two relay rounds (in which a contestant solves a problem and passes his/her answer to another team member, who uses this answer to solve another problem), and a super relay. Overall, approximately 120+ teams will take part in this competition.

A team consists of 15 students, high school age or below. Majority of the teams arrive on campus, stay in University dorms, and leave the day after the competition. The competition begins early Saturday morning at Penn State, the University of Georgia, and the University of Iowa, and in the early evening on Friday at UNLV.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range




Team members have to go through a selection process prior to competing. Schools usually have an open tryout and provide individual style questions, tested against invited high scorers from your mathematics leagues individual scores from statewide competitions and the results of the AMC, AIME, USAMO competitions. After an initial tryout, 15+ students are selected and have repeated practices to determine the top mathematics students.

The competition itself involves 2000 students from almost every state.

Participation Cost


There is a $400 USD fee per team (about $26 per person) and a fee for room and board at the competition (approx. $65/person). There is a fee for staying an extra night (approx. $25/night).

Minimum Technical Skill Needed


Selected team members or candidates usually undergo training sessions leading up to the competition. Much depends on the location of the team and the geographic area that the players are coming from. Practices can be weekly, monthly or something in between and range in time from one to 4 hours. It may be necessary to do some practice by mail or email.

Time Commitment


This competition is a one-off event that takes place over a few days, with prior training leading up to the event itself.

Application Deadline

Registration for 2020 has closed. Teams must be formed by May 2021.

Application Process Includes

Students who have expressed their interest in competing will be selected by their school's ARML coach by two weeks before the date of the competition.