Feb 23, 2019

Exchange Semesters/Years

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Globally, student exchange semesters/years are an effective way to gain experience and offer broad based benefits and outcomes for individuals eager to embark on an international adventure. Popular exchange programmes are reciprocal programmes that provide for students to live and study in another country, enabling them to experience a different school and education system with a different curriculum, a different culture, and possibly a new language. Most exchange students live with host families.

Popular exchanges are language programmes, where students are propelled towards an understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives through immersion. Language acquisition is achieved through this practical immersion, and an awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning goes hand-in-hand with this. Exchange programme organisations (EPOs) are independent organisations approved by the government to operate secondary school student exchange programmes in New Zealand. Each organisation is a little different, and they offer different lengths, types and destinations for their exchange programmes.

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Type of Opportunity

Extracurricular Activity

Age Range



Highly variable depending on specific exchange offered.

Participation Cost

Highly variable depending on where the exchange takes place, accomodations costs, flights etc.

Minimum Technical Skill Needed

Prior skillsets are not necessarily a pre-requisite, but a basic knowledge of languages, analytical and problem solving skills would be helpful going in to an exchange - as would an interest in global issues and overseas travel.

Time Commitment

Contingent on the type/kind of exchange itself (highly variable).

Application Process Includes

The nature of the application process is subject to variability depending on the specific exchange selected.